YMCA Community Programs Branch: Serving our Community

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share that my wife and I have just been excepted to be apart of something special in our community!! We are now board members of the local YMCA community programs branch program at Manual High School here in the metropolitan Denver area. This is a great opportunity for both of us to give back to the community and help children and their family’s stay healthy and active by supporting local events and projects for them to attend at no cost. I have attached a copy of our annual campaign brochure¬†CPB annual campaign brochure so that you can read up on our latest developments and also donate to a great cause if you so choose. We have some great ideas for 2017 and would love to bring them to the Denver area but could always use more supporters and donations to a great cause. I have also attached a link to our main YMCA web page for additional information on joining our cause.

For more information please visit http://www.denverymca.org/community-programs-branch \

For donations please visit my campaign page at  https://ops2.operations.daxko.com/Features/OnlineGiving/DonationDetails.aspx?cid=2172&campaign=12788&campaigner=11491286

Check out this video for a look at what we are doing at our local YMCA in Denver =) https://youtu.be/LMFTbUQGDZ8

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